So you found your dream home out in the country , Ranch with lots of acreage. You have the house inspected and the house is in good shape but you find out it is a manufactured home and the mortgage company wants a foundation certificate by an engineer. Now you are worried what is your next step. Well there is no need to worry because we have partnered with an engineering company to provide you this certification.
You may be wondering what is a foundation certification. Il explain it to to you . When you buy a manufactured home the Bank wants to know that your not going to take the home with you if you were to fail to make payments. They want to be sure that it is properly attached Permanently to the land that it sits on. It is a simple process and we can usually provide the certificate within 2 days of the inspection.
Another you question you may be wondering is why wouldn’t this be included in the price of the home inspection. The answer is simple we have to pay our engineer for the certificate.
This is just another step for Blessed Assurance Home Inspections To be your one stop Inspection shop.
Manufactured Home Engineering Certification

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