Closing on a sale of your dream property? Definitely a day to tick off one of your life goals.


But are you sure you’ve bought the house without any fungi like mold about to take your fun away?

We understand that buying a property is exciting. But you surely don’t want to step into a house with intruders already in.

Therefore, checking the property for mold contamination before signing off on the papers is better. And, to your surprise, nearly every home has mold present. Yes, even the one that has impressed you at first glance. So, it’s time to act smart and not regret it later.

It’s ideal to schedule mold inspections before buying a property. These inspections can help you decide whether the buying decision is worth it.

Read on to understand the importance of mold inspections before buying.

The Importance of Mold Inspections

Negotiate With an Upper Hand

Mold inspections are your ticket to negotiate better.

Imagine this: You schedule a home inspection and mold testing. Both of those show signs of mold damage. But they’re treatable. You ask the seller to handle the issue or reduce the asking price. They agree to either of the options.

Does that sound intriguing? This happens when you prefer to act smart before falling in love with a property.

Once you’ve scheduled a mold inspection, you’ll gain insight into how severe the mold issue is. At times, it’s not much of an “issue.” Once you decide on the severity, you can then negotiate with the seller.

It’s better that before doing so, you get an idea about the associated costs with the repair or remediation. With such information at hand, you can make more informed decisions. Also, ensure that you and the seller know the potential financial implications.

Identifying Hidden and Costly Issues

It’s unlikely that you’re buying a Michigan home that is free of mold issues. Michigan’s humid climate and high humidity levels make it more important to schedule a mold inspection.

The state’s weather gives mold an ideal breeding ground. These intruders then end up posing significant challenges for homeowners. So, as a future homeowner, it’s better to know what is coming for you.

Mold damage can range from surface discoloration to structural deterioration. True nightmares, indeed. But the worst part is that these are not always apparent and can thrive in hidden areas. This hidden factor makes it more important to schedule a mold inspection before buying.

You can’t just think you can detect mold issues with visible signs or musty odors. This necessitates the need for comprehensive inspections. Ultimately, getting to know your future home better.

However, it will depend on whether you want to make it your future home. *shrugs*

Protects Your Family’s Health

Your house will be your safe space. You and your family will spend a lot of time indoors, having the peace you all deserve. Mold introducing new health issues every now and then definitely isn’t what you must be looking forward to.

The primary factor in maintaining a healthy indoor environment is healthy air quality. With mold within the property, this is rather impossible.

Mold thrives in conditions with high moisture levels. It loves dark and damp places in the house.

One of the most significant mold-related issues is the associated health risks and long-term exposure. Following are the major health conditions that you might experience with mold lurking in your house:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sinus infections
  • Skin irritation
  • Neurological symptoms
  • Asthma attacks
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

Moreover, you need to be extremely considerate if you have young children, pregnant women, or elderly living with you. These people are more vulnerable to mold-related illnesses.

These health issues are the most important reason for getting a mold inspection before buying a house. Once the inspection results return positive, you can rest easy that you’re signing up for your family’s health and comfort.

Protects Your Investment

Investing in a property is huge. Some homebuyers make this investment only once in a lifetime. Therefore, ensuring that everything meets their expectations and doesn’t waste their investment is important.

Mold can lead to such conclusions, though. It’s better to deal with it beforehand rather than regret it later. Mold infestation is a costly problem, so it’s better not to buy a property coupled with this.

Schedule your mold inspection before buying the house and save yourself from such pricey troubles later. Investing in a property is one thing, but investing over and over again is not what you wished for.

The surprising part is that mold isn’t the only issue you will be dealing with because of these intruders. They can also lead to compromised structural integrity, water damage, foundation issues, etc. All that can cost you an arm and a leg.

Often, homebuyers view mold inspections as an additive cost. But realizing what these inspections save homebuyers from makes them worth every penny.


Mold inspections before home buying translate to property’s ensured safety, health, and structural integrity. Mold issues are often hidden and easily get away from the naked eye or during traditional home inspections. This makes mold testing an important part of the home-buying process.

These inspections aren’t only about property safety. These are also about protecting your family’s health. Mold can lead to severe health conditions that are worse to deal with.

So, if your mold inspections have uncovered signs of mold, consider that your luck has worked out. Now, take the inspection report to the seller and talk about either reducing the asking price or fixing the issue. If they agree to neither, it’s time to walk out of the deal.

Furthermore, the hack to get the best results from your mold inspections is hiring the best inspection company. Blessed Assurance is the prime example of that. Our experts on board give you an unbiased property assessment. We search for mold issues and damage, leading to mold testing. Not only this, we work with NAMP and IAC2-certified inspectors to give you what you truly deserve.

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